What is Oil Rubbing?


Oil rubbing is a unique, multi-processed collage technique that involves the use of glossy paper, glues, oil paint, turpentine, and can even include photos. The effect of everything combined together creates a collage with depth and texture, pulling and fading certain elements to create a 3D look. The images on this website don't compare to seeing an Oil Rub Collage in person . The texture of the glue and the tarnishing induced by mixing oil paint and turpentine make the images on the piece literally pop out. The oil paint also helps to blend in the images so that the end result is a unique piece all its own that doesn't even look like a collage. Some people have even asked me if I've painted them! Although they are not paintings, oil paint can be further applied to various elements of the piece to help create a more painted look.


The beauty of this medium is that it is nearly limitless as far as the many different themes it can express. In the gallery you can see the work I've done so far, but keep in mind that these pieces, although certainly beautiful, are also examples of the various ways to arrange an Oil Rub Collage. I encourage you to envision a piece that fits your space, personality, and style. From nature to cityscapes, classic to surreal, sports to entertainment, and a mix of everything in between, I can custom make an Oil Rub Collage to fit anyone's taste! And don't forget you can also include photos to your piece (I scan and print the images so the originals are not damaged in any way). You can include just you, your newborn (click here for an example of a piece I did with a client's newborn son), your wedding, or even your entire family!

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